Victoria Postnikova


Viktoria Postnikova is a Russian pianist no less famous than her husband, musician Gennady Rozhdestvensky.

She joined the Central Music School of the Moscow Conservatory at the age of six and first performed in public at age of seven. Her career began with a victory at the Tchaikovsky International Competition. According to music critics, her playing is ambitious and exciting, inspiring the audience with her powerful sound and bright accents. Postnikova is renowned for her beautiful performances of twentieth century music. Alfred Shnittke has devoted one of his best pieces to her.

She performs together with her husband, conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky. Viktoria Postnikova has performed a wide range of music - from romantic 19th century composers including Tchaikovsky and Chopin to "hard" modern music by Sergei Prokofiev and Alfred Schnittke.

She also plays at many concerts with her son, Alexander Rozhdestvensky. She has performed with such orchestras as the Berlin Symphony, the Orchestra of the Roman Academy of St. Cecilia, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, and orchestras in London, New York, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland and Philadelphia.

From the book LIFE MUSIC by Alexandra Kremer-Khomasuridze:

"Once I was playing Rachmaninov’s third concert. During the last part of the performance, I felt a sharp pain. Of course, I finished the concert. Afterward it turned out that I had broken my finger, as I was playing on a new German-made Blyutnere and needed considerable effort to get some sound out of it. Thus began and ended my tour in Siberia."

"When I was three I went to the piano and began playing the pieces that my mother taught her pupils. It was as natural for me as drinking, eating and brushing my teeth. I can’t imagine myself being anything other than a musician. Although I wanted to play the violin most, I wasn't allowed to and it remains one of my biggest disappointments."